Although some some people think like a large shopping center would be harmful for the neighborhood, from my perspective, they are definitely wrong and I prefer to make this project happen. I have mainly three reason to think in this way which are economic benefits, better social life, new job offers for teenagers.  

  • Economic benefits

First of all, a new mall bring attraction to neighborhood. My properties value will be double. It is something great for me. There will be new stores for food and clothes. I have really limited option while I am shopping. Competition between mall stores and local stores will increase quality and decrease prices. So, I support having a new mall idea around my city because it will affect my pocket positively.

  • Providing social opportunities

In the second place, a mall provides new social areas. If it happens, I will not go 30 miles for watching new films on the cinema. Malls always organize concerts and we can attend to get rid of stress. They also organize some workshops which we can learn something new and make new friends. A new bowling saloon and game room sounds great for me.  So, all of these social opportunities makes me excited about the new mall.  

  • New job offers for teenagers

Last but not least, there are hundreds of unemployed teenagers in our neighborhood. It is very harmful because it may be cause of they become criminals. We should give them a life purpose and responsibility to stand by own. A new mall will provide them some job offers that can handle easily. After they earn their own money, they will have self-confidence. To brief, I definitely support this project for teenagers.

To cut long story short, I stand behind the project that build a new mall around neighborhood. It will affect our budget positively, provide new social life, and new job offer for young ladies and gentlemen. 

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