Although some some people think like enjoy your money when you earn it, from my perspective, it is definitely wrong and I prefer to save my money for future. I have mainly three reason to think in this way which are think about family future, making a back-up plan for my business, retirement plan. 

  • Think about family future

First of all, I am responsible from my family. I have to consider about their future. I cannot spend all of my money because it can be a kind of irresponsible attitude. I have to plan their education and health insurance at least until they graduated from university. If I made them, I should care about for their future. So, I save my money for my family.

  • Making a back-up plan for my business

In the second place, I am running my own business. I make money to survive with my family. All is well for now but who can know what is waiting for me in the future. I should consider about bad days can happen. Sales can decrease. Alternative products can be more popular. I should be always ready for bad days. I save my money to adapt crisis and pass them easily. So, I save for my business’ future.


  • Retirement plan

Last but not least, I am an energetic young man for now but it will not last forever. One day I will be an old grumpy grandpa. It will be hard for me to work. Government is not so generous to pay me. In this case, I should do something good for government to pay my salary in the future. We call it as retirement plan. It is guarantee of our future. So, we should save our money as retirement plan and I do that.

To cut long story short, I would definitely choose to save my money. It is necessary for my family future. A crisis back-up plan for my business and retirement plan for old lonely days. That’s why I prefer to save my money.

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