Although some some people think like they should be free whatever they want to do, from my perspective, it is definitely wrong and I think we should follow the rules and responsibilities. I have mainly three reason to think in this way which are having better future, social code, and key of success

  • Having better future

First of all, the world and life is not a Disney Land which makes all of our dreams true. We have things to do and build our future. We should care our education and investments for having better future. Money and sources are not unlimited. If we do whatever we want like going trips, eating most expensive restaurants and leading a luxury lifestyle. If we go out on our final week, instead of studying our lecture. We stole from our life in this way. So, we should not do whatever we want to have better future. 

  • Social code

In the second place, we are not living alone. We have society which includes other people and their rights. It is not acceptable that, we do whatever we want for other people.  For example, we should wait for ticket queue. If we do whatever we want, our ass can be kicked by some other guys. So, we should follow rules because social protocols for benefit of everyone.

  • Key of success

Last but not least, there is a very famous Turkish proverb that we have todays, but the people who sacrificed todays will have futures. Being a hard worker person is key of success. I do not think people choose working instead of sleeping or watching movies. So, we always do the right things even we do not want to do.

To cut long story short, I think people should not do whatever they want. It is because of having better future. Social protocol is created for everyone. Doing the things what we do not want is key of success. That’s why we should not do whatever we want to do.

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