We are working for long hours together with our collogues. We are living with them more than our family. Having collogues who have good attitudes is very vital for me. I think a co-worker should be being talented, helpful and enjoyable.

  • Being talented

First of all, we are a team with collogues. We focus on the same target and should work together in a harmony. A talented co-worker makes our team better. He or she helps our company to grow up. If we become successful as a team, our salary will increase. For example, think about you are working in sales department. If production department cannot catch deadline regularly, there is no chance you to be successful. So, having skillful collogues is so crucial for us.

  • Being helpful

In the second place, I expect from collogue to be helpful. Every time, I can have some issues that I cannot handle. It sounds good for me to someone who is there for me to help. If I was sick, I will need to back up because customer will never understand. Not only customer, but also the boss never cares about our personal issues. They focus on profit. We should be kind as collogues. So, one of the most important characteristic of a good collogue is being helpful.

  • Being enjoyable

Last but not least, there is a human prototype which is like sleepless, hateful, opposite, and surly. They stole your living energy. I personally hate to living together with this kind of people. We need to energetic and smiling people around us. It makes us productive. To brief, having enjoyable co-workers around us make me happy.

To cut long story short, if I had a chance, I would definitely have co-workers who is skillful, helpful and funny. These are the characteristics of my favorite collogues. 

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