Although some some people think like human activity makes the Earth a better place to live, from my perspective, it is definitely wrong and I think we are killing the nature. I have mainly three reason to think in this way which are decreasing forests, decreasing animal species, and increasing natural disasters.

  • Decreasing forests

First of all, we should stop to act like human beings are owners the Earth. We are cutting trees to provide ourselves more soil to planting food and make houses and malls. It is unacceptable. Forests are home for our animal friends. When we cut the trees, they will stay homeless. We do not have a right to do that. We have to use barren soils to make home. Otherwise, we will face with unfortunate results. So, we must stop forest destruction.  

  • Decreasing animal species

In the second place, we are killing animals. It is not only for food or defend ourselves. We are hunting as a sport. It is hard to understand how we dare. We are killing them for clothes. We can live without their fur but never cares about their lives. We are killing them and using their body parts as decoration staff. It is shameful the thesis that human beings make the world better place to live. So, we are killing animal for no reason. 


  • Increasing natural disasters

Last but not least, the world has a natural living circle. We are polluting rivers and natural waters. Sour rains become. We are cutting forests and it is cause of landslide. We are using fossil oils, air conditioners. All of them cause of global warming. North pole glaciers are melting and sea level is increasing. Our lands will stay under water. So, we should stop kill nature to protect our earth.

To cut long story short, we do not make the world home. We are killing it. Destructing animals and forests. We are the main reason of natural disasters. That’s why I think human beings are harmful to world.

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