Although some some people think like Istanbul is not a better option to move, from my perspective, it is definitely wrong and I prefer to living this amazing city. I have mainly three reason to think in this way which are sociable areas, less living cost, improved transportation.

  • Sociable areas

First of all, it is important to having sociable areas for a city and Istanbul has lots of options. There are lots of modern and historical buildings which are waiting for visitors. There is also lots of cafes and night clubs to having fun and making new friends. You can attend concerts of famous singers in every night. There are many options to go cinema or theatre. There is workshops in every corner for your interests. So, all of them makes İstanbul an attractive city for new ones.

  • Less living cost

In the second place, İstanbul offers us very low living cost, opposite to other huge cities in the Europe. There are thousands restaurants to eat delicious and cheap foods. Home rents and bills are very affordable for almost everyone. So, it sounds better to living in this city with low income.


  • Improved transportation

Last but not least, improved transportation system is so crucial for a new person who started to living in a big city. Istanbul has well developed public transportation system. It makes living much easier for us. It is not only well developed but also very affordable for everyone, especially for students. If you do not have a car, it makes everything easier. To brief, well-developed public transportation system is the thing I like while I am living in the Istanbul.

To cut long story short, there are mainly three vital things which I like about İstanbul which are sociable areas, low living cost, improved public transportation system. That’s the things I love in this amazing city.

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