Although some some people think like famous people should not be on media, from my perspective, it is definitely wrong and I prefer to see them. I have mainly three reason to think in this way which are being good role models, marketing for media, celebrities do not complain. 

  • Being good role models

First of all, we have lots of teenagers and young men and ladies in our society. We should show them artist, scientist, and intellectuals as role models. We should see them how much they are working and have to inspire from them. We should be familiar with them to understand their lifestyle which make them successful. I do not see something wrong to watch them all the time. So, I want to see celebrities as role models all the time.

  • Marketing for media

In the second place, media companies are not established for charity. They have workers to pay salaries and insurance. They have also rent and bills to pay. We should think about how they can handle all of these cost. They need to show us something attractive to use our ratings as a marketing tool. They are responsible from show us news but they need to use celebrities to earn money. They are a kind of advertising tools for media companies. So, it is necessary to show celebrities for effective marketing.

  • Celebrities do not complain

Last but not least, some people are complaining about it is not ethical to show celebrities’ personal life but complaining people are not celebrities themselves. It is really very weird because all of them using their own social media accounts to show their life in everywhere. They are using Instagram, twitter, facebook, and youtube all together. So, it is hard to understand why they are crying. If they do not show themselves, they will not become popular and its mean is less income for them. To brief, it is meaningless attitude that complain for instead of celebrities.   

To cut long story short, if I had a chance, I would definitely see famous people on media tools. They are good role models as successful people. It is necessary for media to make money and continue to service us. It is OK for celebrities to share their personal life with us. That’s why I prefer to watch them on media..

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