Although some some people think like living in a one place during whole life is a better option, from my perspective, it is definitely wrong and I prefer to change my living place. I have mainly three reason to think in this way which are gain new experiences, follow new chances and discover the world.

  • Gain new experiences.

First of all, if I had a chance, I would travel whole the world. I cannot imagine to recognize how much experience I can gain with meet thousands of new and learn about their cultures. I can gain new perspectives in this way. Compare my truths and their truths. That’s the way get rid of wrong ideas, opinions and thesis. I can use all of these experiences for my future life. In addition, I can write a book to explain all nations have good people and wars are meaningless.  So, being a nomad makes me experienced person.

  • Follow new chances

In the second place, the world is something to discover. It offers us new opportunities. We can find a job with good salary and benefits. A new friend that we can trust during life. We can even find love of our life on the roads. We cannot know what is waiting for us. So, we should look around to learn what kind of surprises are waiting for us.


  • Discover the world

Last but not least, we need to see more museums. We need to taste different foods from different kitchens. We need to smell different flowers. We need to drink different vines. We need the hear different voices from different singers. We need to touch different lives. That’s why we are in the world. We cannot declare that we are living if we do not do these things. To brief, I recommend everyone to live the life. 

To cut long story short, if I had a chance, I would definitely choose to to be a nomad. I could gain new experiences, follow new chances and discover the world in this way. That’s why I want to be a nomad.

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