Although some some people think like teenagers should work while they are still student, from my perspective, it is definitely wrong and I think they should not. I have mainly three reason to think in this way which are spending more time for lectures, leading more sociable lifestyle, spending more time for extracurricular activities.

  • Spending more time for lectures

First of all, first duty of a teenager is studying hard for their lectures. They should focus on to increase their GPA. Family is responsible from earning money. High grades will provide them a better future and more money in the future. They should go step by step. So, teenagers have to study not work.

  • Leading more sociable lifestyle

In the second place, leading more sociable lifestyle is very crucial for teenagers’ mental improvement. They need spend more time with their friends. They should go to cinema and theatre. They have to play video games to increase their creativity. So, being a sociable person is a need for teenagers.

  • Spending more time for extracurricular activities.

Last but not least, lectures are not enough for teenagers to improve themselves. They need to something else. They should go museums, travel the world, recognize new cultures, do daily exercise, interested in an art branch. All of these make them better people. It is necessary to complete their personal development. To brief, teenagers have to spend more time for extracurricular activities, not working.

To cut long story short, I think teenagers should not work. They should study more. It is better for them to be more sociable people. It sounds better to spending more time for extracurricular activities. So, that is why I think they should not work while they are still teenagers. 

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