Although some people around neighborhood think like a new high school can be beneficiary, from my perspective, it is definitely wrong and I think it is waste of time and money. I have mainly three reason to think in this way which are having already a huge high school, high cost of new high school, missing parts of permanent high school. 

  • Having already a high school

First of all, we have already have a high school and neighborhood does not fill its student capacity. This district is not much crowded and teenager population is very limited. Government should focus on making neighborhood more attractive for young ladies and gentlemen. Otherwise, even permanent high school is empty now. So, we do not need to another high school.

  • High cost of a new high school

In the second place, government is making a serious planning mistake. We send them lots of lectures to hire new additional math and science teachers for high school but they said they do not have enough budget to hire them. How it can be possible to having new teachers are extra cost but a huge building is not. It sounds like construction malpractice. We should not make rich construction company owners. I will research about it. So, government make a correct plan about how to spend our taxes.

  • Missing parts of permanent high school

Last but not least, our permanent high school does not have sport facility and library. Our students are going 40 miles for a library and 38 miles for the nearest sports facility. Government should focus on completing this missing parts of high school. To brief, it sounds better for me to increase quality of permanent high school.

To cut long story short, if I had a chance, I would definitely reject the new high school project. We have already have one and its capacity is not overload. Government should spend the budget to hiring new teachers and building sport facilities and library. That’s why I reject the project.

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